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Hollow Earth
« on: April 28, 2008, 07:35:43 PM »
I know there's another thread on Hollow Earth, but the last time anyone responded to it was back in Aug. 2006, so forgive me for starting a new thread  0:)

I was wondering if anyone out there has read up on the subject and if there are any avid believers.  I wonder if Tolkien believed in it, his references to Middle Earth and such, if they were made up completely from his imagination or if it was based a bit on the hollow earth legend?

I can't for myself, believe how fanatical some people are about it.  If you read the post on the Hollow Earth Expo, which is where I was originally going to respond, it mentions how the Expo was calling for a group of scientists to reach the North Pole on a Russian Nuclear Ice Breaker they were going to charter.  Unfortunately, the original leader of the exposition passed away, but a legitimate science group is taking over!!!   I was really upset because I was looking forward to reading their findings.  They are getting really serious, they are filming a documentary, its about $20,000 a pop to get on the nuclear ice breaker!!!  But, they do have a few select 'free' seats from their grant money they are raising, and if you think you can contribute to the cause, you can apply here: 

Im kind of silly b/c i like to read these 'crank' theories, but these guys are legit scientists and it amazes me how passionate they are about this hollow earth idea.  I have read the supposed hidden log of Admiral Byrd, and also this story, that reads like a fairy tale (no pun intended here) by Olaf Jansen:  by the way, in the story "The Smokey Gods" by Olaf Jansen" Olaf supposedly travels INSIDE the hollow earth via the River Hiddekel, but I would like to point out that the River Hiddekel is a biblical river, the third river in the Garden of Eden.  So why would these Hollow Earth peeps have a river with a Hebrew name?  Is there a theory about the ancient tribes of Israel running away to Hollow Earth that I don't know about?

Well, I'd like to point out that for biblical scholars and archaeologists (like Indiana Jargroby) the quest for pinpointing the garden of Eden and the exact location of the 4 rivers almost rivals the search for the lost Atlantis.  there were 4 rivers in the Garden of Eden like I said, you can find the passage in Genesis 2:10-14 KJV- I personally use the St. Joseph version as a catholic, but the King James is probably the most common version, right?  well the river was supposedly split into 4 heads, and they were: Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel, Euphrates  So we know where the Euphrates is, why would Hiddekel be at the North Pole???

Read the Smokey God for yourself, I'd love to know if anyone else thought this was believable.  I'd love to believe it, but it sounds like something out of a Jules Verne novel.  It makes no sense, but these 'scientists' are supposedly studying this book b/c they are using it to pinpoint the exact point of latitude for the opening.

How many space shuttles go up in outer space?  Sure if there was a hole, maybe NASA would cover it up, but the Russians too?  All the international astronauts?  I also read the website for the charter boat to the North Pole, the boat is called the Yamal, its owned by the Russian Government as an ice breaker in the winter and is charted out for North Pole cruises (and to Greenland, and the rest of the top of the world) in the summer.  This group, Phoenix Science Foundation claims that the Yamal is the only ship that they can charter to do the job, but that's wrong.  Google "North Pole Cruises" and you will see more than one charter company.  Hefty prices!! So they aren't ripping you off when they ask $20Gs...well they are, but they aren't jacking up the price, I imagine its quite expensive to charter a nuclear icebreaker.

But where I am getting at here is that these charter companies are taking rich private citizens on cruises to the North Pole every summer.  In fact, the PSF (phoenix science foundation) even asserts that the time they are chartering the ship, July 2009 I believe, is during that specific time BECAUSE the rest of the time its being chartered for cruises for rich, eccentric, explorers.  With people going up there year after year to see the North Pole, ho :-)w is it that nobody has ever seen this purported 'entrance'?  So there are 2 norths, Geographic and Magnetic, I get it, but I think the Ship goes through both, but its not like the only people to have gone to the North Pole anymore are explorers.  My point is that with enough money anyone can see it bc there are voyages year after year.  I'd like to know why none of those captains above the charter ships ever reported seeing anything fishy (again no pun intended).  Especially when they are working for private companies, not the government.

In any case, they are proposing a 14-15 day trip, and they make sure to emphasize that *they aren't making any promises*

-by the way, i like this forum a lot, its helping me learn HTML!! or rather its FORCING me to learn it. 

**so, does anyone else feel as passionately about the hollow earth theory as the PSF?  I'd love to hear about it :-)