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Bigfoot... True Story... You Decide...

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 I read this story some time ago after a brief glimpse of what someone told me was most likely bigfoot. I didn't really believe in bigfoot before this... but something about the writing... I do now.

Wow thats a good read Kadesh. Thanks for sharing it! I myself have always been a believer because of a personal (though not as exciting as this guy's) experience. When I was younger, I used to take long treks into the swamps in South Carolina, sometimes staying gone for a couple of days. Now that is a sad, old land, and alot of strange things can be found there. Well,  one night I was hunting some coyotes that had been trying to get the upper hand on me and had also been killing a local farmer's goats, so 2 birds with one stone, right?  :focus: I was pretty deep in the woods, almost in the swamp itself when I heard something crash nearby. The moon was full and I have excellent night vision, so I caught a glimpse of what could only be a sasquach. It was vastly taller than me (I'm almost 6ft) I would guess it was about 7 or 8 feet, hairy, and quite fast. I apparently stumbled into its sleeping place and startled it. As it ran off it kept grunting at me like a deer kind of, like saying "thanks alot for waking me, jerk" Me being the arrogant fearless youth I was chased it, and even as fast as I am it got away. It did tear a well defined path through the brush though, breaking brances off as large as my leg, so I could track it. I followed the path to a field where I lost it. I would have pursued it further, but I sensed there were alot of eyes watching me and they were not friendly, so I probally stumbled into a whole mess of them. Taking the hint, I left. I have caught far off glimpses of them in later years, but never been that close to confirm it. Perhaps one day I can meet one again like that guy did.

 That's my dream. I think with my connection to nature and animals, I might have a shot. But you never know....

Hey, maybe you will be the one who breaches the barrier between the species...never know, could happen  :-D

Gah why did you post such a sad story...I keep thinking about poor 'ol Kong   :cry: I wish I could have met him


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