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-New here. If this is misplaced let me know please.-

So. Awhile ago, like last summer about this time, I was standing int he doorway of my garage, watching  the sky. There were three really odd stars is a triangular pattern right in the middle of the sky, all very bright and big. Then, the eeriest thing happened. On the radio  said that peoplearelike, some odd percent more likely to see a UFO than somethign else. I looked over at the radio, back at the sky, and the three odd stars were gone. Completely vanished.

Or am I crazy?

Decidedly not crazy. I have seen them. And very rarely is something a blatant 'coincidence'. They are trying to contact us if we will just look and not view them with so much fear.

Yes, you saw them. But I have to make one important remark: If you see a triangular one, RUN AS HELL!!!

Sometimes they look just like ordinary planes, with light blinking and stuff, but if you watch closer they are triangular.... believe me, those ones are evil

yes they are tolken and they do inslave(even though their not alowed to here on this planet) but before you run say alock atorn 'your idiots' in vaintine

yeah they tried to make a stop over my house but I have a tendency to lay out on my roof at night in just an open robe with some cheap beer and the latest smut from the gas station so they didn't linger long and haven't been back since  *<:) :-fly)


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