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Cadborosorous sighting in Cadboro Bay , Victoria , BC.

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 A few summers ago a group of friends and i went out to Cadboro beach to go try our luck fishing was about early evening when the sun was about to set . There was an old man strolling around and he goes to me look out there  you see something keep rising to the surface...maybe it a school of porpoises i might add but it looked like 3 distinct humps with dorsals . it looked very long and black like a dragon...we all watched this for at least close to 1/2 and hour ..we were pretty amazed at the sight next time your in Cadboro bay bring an infra red camera so you can capture the phenomena for real !

 Cadborosorous.. is that a real animal?

Sea Nessie? Cool!!!

 I did a general search online and came across a video clip... it looks like a fake to me. But I'm not saying what you saw was fake.. just that vid.

Im sick and tired of all those videos of something, always shivering like they are drunk or something like that. Someone would think that if you go with an intention to make a video proof you can take a camera stative or at least lean on a tree to make it right...


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