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Port Henry celebrates their local sea monster, "Champ&q


For the last 18, years people have been coming to the small village of Port Henry to celebrate a day in honor of Lake Champlain's very own lake monster, Champ.

Moriah Town Supervisor Tom Scozzafava said, "It brings a lot of people into our area, it is a celebration of Champ, our local sea monster."

Vendors sold their items on the sidewalk, there was music, games for the kids, and even a little bit of Champ himself. After a recent sighting last week, the village was packed with people looking for the lake monster, and items that bear his name.

Jack Woods from the Port Henry Chamber of Commerce said, "We have people coming in here looking for it, wanting to know where we find it, souvenirs, information, do you have a museum here? So and so forth."

Peggy Clarke of Moriah said, "It's a wonderful opportunity for folks to share their stories and say I really have seen him."

Five Maryland residents vacationing in Champlain, NY said that they had a close encounter with Champ last week. The vacationers said they saw the creature eat a seagull. There was a fair share of people at Champ day who said that they have also seen this creature with their very own eyes, which is something they said is all the more reason to come to the festival in the creatures name.

Bill O'Connor said, "We thought it was a little peculiar, seeing a log just moving around, and then we saw the ripples in the back of the head, and then it took off."

Fran O'Connor, of Ausable, said, "We do think it's important to come out for Champ day in honor of Champ."

Local residents said whether you believe in this lake monster or not, it really doesn't matter because this day is all about fun.

Dawn Curran of Port Henry said, "It's wonderful. I think everyone should celebrate it whether they believe or not."

"This is a good day to celebrate Champ, and to get together as a community," Clarke said.

Organizers said every year Champ Day has gotten bigger and with the latest sighting making headlines residents in this small village believe every day could be Champ's day. If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this mysterious creature.


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