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White Wolf???

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In the last couple of weeks I have see a white wolf in the ceiling. I really thought it was my mind playing me tricks. But this afternoon when I got my dogs out for a walk, my neighbor from across the street told my he saw the other night a big white dog on the roof. I live in Puerto Rico, so is very rare of having a wild animal like a wolf on the roof of your house. Could somebody tell me something about it??? Thanks.

It could be some kind of omen or some kind of message someone is trying to send you...

I really don't have a clue. And is starting to worry me a lot. He is every night on my roof.

Mr. Kreepy:
Wow, that's pretty strange.

Hey, have you thought about taking a picture of it?

Sometimes you can catch things on "spirit orbs" and all sorts of stuff...
just be careful unless it's not friendly.
have you had any feeling that it was threatening you?


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