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White Wolf???

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I don't know any myths or anything like that. Though the communication is telepathic, from what i read he was there to guard you or your dog.

He says he will return, by any chance next time your dog has pups. Does he show up on camera? Is the wolf solid or fairly transparent?

Maybe the reason your neighbor saw him was because he is sensitive to that kind of thing, which would explain why your friend could not.

As for being careful with who you trust. Did you have any odd dreams that you can remember while he was hanging around?

No, he doent show on camera I try

He was fairly transparent, but wiht some kind of solid looking at first

Well, I normaly have very odd dreams, but when he was around was the time when I got a lot of flashbacks of my past lifes, but nothing else.

How did you know that it was from your past life?


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