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  What creature is this?

  Why does it belong in this forum?

  What other cryptid is it thought to be?

  Those are the questions ladies and gent's ( and vamp's and weres ) so get busy, what are the answers.

It belings here because they are supposedly extinct overly large condors.  They might have been believed to be the thunderbirds???....i think

Syris hit the nail on the head.
The main difference with condors, other than size, is the teratornithidae was preditory and condors are scavengers.

Firstly, I just want to say sorry for being away but I'm currently deployed to somewhere with limited internet and phone services.  Secondly thank you Ravin, the only reason I knew about them was when I was younger I went through a "I love extinct (animanimals!) phase" that lasted for almost a year and a half.

Yeah, me too, I think all kids do.

and welcome back, its good to hear from you again.


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