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Bray Road monster

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The beast of bray road has been sighted many times, what do YOU think it actually is? could be a bigfoot....could just be a hoax, ill let you decide

 What is the Beast of Bray Road? Give us some background info. :-P Maybe a vid too.


lol wow im amazed you never heard of the beast of bray road.....

and there has been no photos i could find so far only one photo was ever taken and ill post the link to it as well

ok you check those   :laugh:

no video's have ever been recorded..or at least i cant find any is what i mean

 That photo in the last link... it looks a lot like a gorilla... could it be photo shopped??

Yes its very possible, but did you read the storys? from the description, it sounds like a wolf/ape hybrid from the descriptions....


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