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I have no idea what i saw this Am!!!

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It was about 1am in the morning i was laying on my lawn chair smoking talking to a friend of mine when all of a sudden i saw this long serpent like bird it had a long an slender body long neck an just as quickly as i saw it, vanished it glimmered or shined an was gone i know i had seen something my immediate thought was that of a thunder bird but i just dont know...honestly it was white seemed like scales but definetly felt like a bird to me coulda been a reptile though cause it did shine then jus disapeared...anyone have any clue to what i couldve seen this am?....sorry its just very hard to find the words to explain it very well...

not to take credence from your claim but what were you smoking when you saw this?

i wasnt high i was smoking normal cigarettes an it's fine i wasnt specific.

was i wrong in posting this here i apologize if i'm wrong i'm just posting every possible thing that i can remember through the years to find some answers to my questions. an i may have misread your reply.

I do not believe the bird to be your enemy. You'll get used to the one second visits from possibly old friends. Tell me was it white and left a trial of white. A lot like a sky writer but with a bright white line (and inside a house). I have also seen something like this in my experience. Be patient and the answers will come. But don't expect them to come a certain way.


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