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I have no idea what i saw this Am!!!

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I recognize the description. I think from one of my books. I will check and get back to you.


--- Quote from: Doni on April 27, 2010, 07:05:07 AM ---not to take credence from your claim but what were you smoking when you saw this?

--- End quote ---
Exactly the question I was going to ask, lol.

Hi Dredy i seem to be following your posts around tonight.

I responded to another post you made about a nightmare dream. In this response i said that the dream was important for you. Here is proof that it is. The experience you write about here of this thing appearing in your daily waking state (as i understand the world) is the same thing you encountered in your dream when you stuck your hand in it and experienced the strange sensations in your arm and tattoo the next day.
What actually happened in the dream is that you exchanged some energy with another being. It got some of yours you got some of its. Your new found vitality and ability to dream comes from this encounter. That is what you got
It got......... some energy of this daily world which is normally foreign to it. It used this energy to appear to you. It got a trip out of you.
Chances are it will want to continue your strange relationship.

I have a question for you though. Think back to your dream when you stuck your hand through it and experienced the strange sensations. Really get the memory back, and tell me if the sensations were like burning fire or electric water. They are likely to be one or the other.

  I am moving this to Cryptozology due to the fact that this is not an Emergency.


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