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Scars and alien abduction


After I got many messages and inquires about what did I mean when I spoke about things more sinister than ghosts that leave marks on the bodies, well here it is. You will see that none of these are random and also, there is almost exact pattern in these scars. They are made by examination tools and sometimes even fingers. Ill add excerpts from other UFO sites:

Portrait of an alien abductee:

 The Harvard research team placed an ad in Boston newspapers to recruit their subjects. Most of those who responded were pranksters, but 10 people were selected as sincere reporters of abduction experiences.

 McNally said the screening interviews indicated that the typical abductee:

x Endorsed a variety of “new age” beliefs — for example, a readiness to accept psychic phenomena.

x  Scored high on a measure of absorption, or “fantasy-proneness.”

x  Described an experience similar to sleep paralysis — in which a person emerges from rapid-eye-movement sleep into a half-waking state, able to move the eyes but not much else. McNally said about 30 percent of the population has had such an experience, which has been linked to jet lag and other sleep-cycle disruptions. In addition, the early stages of a reported abduction paralleled descriptions of hypnopompic hallucinations — nightmares that intrude into the half-waking state. About 5 percent of the population have reported such experiences, McNally said.

x  May recover detailed “memories” of being subjected to medical or sexual probing on spaceships.

x  May eventually come to regard the experience as positive and spiritually enriching, even though it was terrifying at the time.

Doing the experiment

 Once the 10 abductees and eight control subjects were selected, McNally put them through a standard procedure for gauging post-traumatic stress disorder.
The abductees were asked to record their memories of a neutral, positive and stressful event from everyday life, as well as two abduction experiences. Then the abductees listened to their audiotapes while hooked up with equipment to monitor heart rate, skin conductance (which detects sweaty palms) and facial muscle tension. Separately, each member of the control group listened to an abductee’s tapes to gauge an outsider’s reaction to the same descriptions.
When they listened to accounts of their own alien encounters, the abductees exhibited the physiological signs you might expect from someone suffering post-traumatic stress: heightened heart rate, increased sweating. McNally said three of the 10 abductees showed “subclinical” signs of post-traumatic stress disorder — which other experts have said affects 5 to 15 percent of Americans.

rest at: Alien memories leave real scars

Many people have awakened to discover unexplainable marks or scars on their arms or legs. What puzzles or frightens most people is knowing they did not have these marks on their bodies when they went to sleep! It is truly unexplainable for them. Additionally troubling is how could such deep scoop marks or scars occur during the night and then mysteriously heal by morning? Strange as it seems, this is often the situation reported.

On the morning of October 29, 1997, Mrs. Smith awoke in her Mid-Michigan home to discover a distinctive "pyramid" shaped scar, triangles, and a tiny scoop mark on her right arm just above the wrist. In the first photograph below, Mrs. Smith's right arm is shown with the unexplainable marks and scars.

The next picture shows the marks traced in black ink for visibility. The triangles were evenly recessed as if a paper-thin layer of skin had been removed from each one. The legs of the "pyramid" were one half inch long each, perfectly formed and straight. The scar was slightly recessed and pure white, having the absence of any skin pigmentation.

The photographs were taken of Mrs. Smith, a married woman who only recently began to wonder about her connection to the UFO phenomenon. Mrs. Smith was unable to remember her dreams at night and felt she slept through the night uninterrupted. However, discovering the scar and its accompanying marks the next morning was very disconcerting!

Mrs. Smith discovered two new marks on her right arm upon awakening on the morning of November 16/17, 1997 in her Mid-Michigan home. Then on the morning of November 30, 1997, Mrs. Smith awakened to discover a perfectly straight 3 inch long scar wrapping itself around her mid-forearm.

the green lines represent the new scars which appeared on the morning of November 16 or 17, 1997. The blue line represents the 3 inch straight line scar which appeared on Mrs. Smith's forearm on the morning of November 30, 1997. The new scars are white.

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Do you feel that you might have some of these? Then answer the questions: HAVE YOU BEEN ABDUCTED?

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More pics:

Yellow, Green and Blue markings around the mouth of a male abductee.

This photograph shows an unknown substance that fluoresced blue on the right inner thigh of an abductee the morning after an abduction.

Scoop-mark scar on my right leg. The scar is approximately one week old in this photograph and is still very apparent two months later

The two photos above depict a possible alien handprint on the right palm and fingers of a male abductee. The markings are composed of an unknown dye, which fluoresces bright blue under UV illumination, and is invisible under normal room light.

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Most of these scars are due to insects that bite during you sleep: spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, .... No aliens involved.

Or it could also be some sort of masochism, like Dinsdale from "The Scarlet Letter"? I mean of course the contusions, not the bizzare looking bug bites. Although you do have to admit those are really bizzare bug bites.


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