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Mammoth Regeneration

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 Just try not to pee yourself while you're doing it.  :wink:


 Seriously though.. I want one if they can do it. I want it as a fuzzy wuzzy widdwe baby.. awwww  :-P

Hell yeah! I'd love a pet mammoth.
I'd raise it to be ridiculously mean but recognize me as its supreme master and overlord, then deck it out in some insanely awesome armor and mount an armored howdah on the back with some wicked gun turrets and ballistas and catapults with spikey things on its tusks and trunk and other crazy sh*t like that and ride my Grimdark War Mammoth of Doominous Death across the country and smash things and kill people.

Oh yes, my plans for world domination are AWESOME. :evil: *<:) :evil:

Hey, I'll throw in on that  <^>  I'm not cleaning up its mammoth s**ts though  :lol:

Regina Terra:
I bet anybody would make millions with that excellent fertilizer though. *<:)

  *<:) *<:)  I can just see Kain... following behind my fuzzy wuzzy little mammoth with a doodie bag..... and it poos...... he goes to catch it..... and is covered in shyte!  *<:) *<:)
Sorry dear.. too funny to resist!  :-*


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