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The Norwich Ghost Walk
« on: September 03, 2006, 04:59:49 AM »
It's Norwich Ghost Walk season.

And be warned, as the nights start drawing in, the haunting, grisly events will become more and more frequent.

This week, take part in a scary stroll on Tuesday night.

Be terrified by the old witch who wanders up and down Bishopsgate and the lonely monk who can still be found strolling beside the graveyard at St John Maddermarket.

Try to catch a glimpse of the Lady in Grey, who was tragically locked up alive in her house during the plague of 1578.

Be petrified by the husband who cut up his wife's body before boiling her over the open fire in his living room.

Led by Ghostly Dave, the walks have evolved over the years but the main ingredients remain the same.

They start and finish at the most haunted pub in the city (The Adam and Eve), visit the most haunted building in the city (Magdalen Street) and go to the most haunted area of the city (Tombland).

The walks take in the areas of Norwich where the most horrific historic murders have taken place.

They visit spots where local witches were tried, convicted and burnt at the stake.

All this and more awaits intrepid walkers as they visit parts of the city they have probably been many times before without realising the nasty little secrets that lie just around the corner or underneath the paving slabs.

The Norwich Ghost Walk, 7.30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until Thursday, September 28, from the Adam and Eve pub on Bishopgate, £5.00 (£3.00 under-16s)