Author Topic: Second annual Berkshire Paranormal Conference  (Read 2209 times)


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Second annual Berkshire Paranormal Conference
« on: September 23, 2006, 12:32:32 AM »
The North Adams Masonic Association and the New England Ghost Project, together with the Berkshire Paranormal Group, will sponsor Contact II, the second annual Berkshire Paranormal Conference.

This year's conference will be held tomorrow through Sunday at the Masonic Temple at 172 Church St., also known as the "Haunted Houghton Mansion."

In July 2005, Contact I came to North Adams for the first time. This event drew people from all over the Northeast. The goal was to create a place for residents of Berkshire County and beyond to have a place to learn about and to experience the paranormal first hand.

This year, the groups plan to bring some of the Northeast's and the nation's foremost experts of the paranormal and ghost hunting to the city.

Beginning tomorrow night, attendees will be taught ghost-hunting techniques while investigating the Houghton Mansion. Those attending should bring cameras and recorders. Also featured will be the Witches of Salem, a session on decoding the relationship between the Masons and the paranormal, and the chance to go on a spiritual journey with a shaman and find an animal guide.

Conference participants will be able to talk with professional paranormal investigators and writers, view an exhibit of ghost photos, be part of the "Ghost Chronicles" radio show, learn to communicate with pets living or dead, take a workshop on EVPs (the voices of the dead), journey to the cemetery, photograph the "Dead Woman's items from a Haunted Funeral home," enjoy a meal at Steeples Restaurant or even get a personal message from beyond the grave.

Some of the highlights this year will include "midnight messages from the dead" with author and psychic medium Vicki Monroe on Saturday night and lectures from author and creator of Ghostvillage .com, Jeff Belanger.

The Witches
of Salem will offer tarot readings and workshops. EVP expert Karran Mossey, whose work has appeared in the motion picture "White Noise" and TV show "Ghost Whisperer," will give beginning and advanced workshops on EVP.

Other speakers include:

# The Rev. and Shaman Steve Wilson, who will teach a class on clearing a house of spirits.

# Author and ghost investigator Linda Zimmerman.

# Ghost hunter and radio personality Ron Kolek.

# Diane Hill and Joseph Flammer, the Paranormal Adventurers, who will talk about their experiences on Long Island.

# Betty Comerford, who will lecture on animal communication.

# Psychic investigator Maureen Wood of the New England Ghost Project.

# Josh Mantello of the Berkshire Paranormal Group.

Admission includes a Saturday night dinner buffet at Steeples Restaurant, plus the wide range of paranormal and ghost-hunting events and exhibits. Part of the admission price benefits the Masonic Temple restoration.

The price of the entire weekend is $150; Saturday-only admission is $100. For more information: visit or, or call Mantello at (413) 664-8264.

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