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Hey! I'm Rikua.

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Hello, I'm Rikua Maru. I am a pagan. I have great fascinations with fairies, nature spirits, spirits in general, etc. I currently live with a entity, but I don't know how to get rid of him, have you guys ever had an entity problem?

An unknown type of spirit.

Bane Bloodfang:
You could try asking it to leave?

As silly as it sounds sometimes they will just leave if you ask them to and make it obvious you don't want it around

It speaks through me, I may ask it a question, and it can move my hand to respond. It's from the Ouija board if this makes it clearer. Someone played it over at my house. It won't leave. I've tried for MONTHS.

Is it friendly, hostile, or just plain grey? You may have a new room mate who's there to stay. Try talking to it, ask it what it wants. Maybe it'll tell you why it haunts.


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