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oooooookay so i found this on a chance and feel like this is perfect. now i dunno if you all will think i'm crazy but magic IS real. i know becase i am host t a goddess long forgotten by all. her name is alianna and she is the true goddess of cats. her sister is bast and she took all the credit for what alianna did. now most of you know bahemute from final fantasy. he is real and he is inside my fiancee. my fiancee is his host. most cartoons you know and love are real. heck even devil may cry is real. but this is all hidden by the veil. i just wanted to let you all know if you think you are a host message me and i will help you. and yes i can do magic but it only acts in the veil not in the mortal world. now i know most of you will think i'm crazy and not belive me but that''s ur own opinon

Its nothing we haven't heard before. Welcome to the board!

(sighs with relief) ah.....awsome i was afraid i would be like shunned or something but than again..this is the forum for the supernatural. lol only two of my fiancee and i's freinds know about our abilties. it doesn't help that some cartoons i know and love i've discoverd are real. i have a meloetta and zorua that like to follow me....yes pokemon are real

I'm not surprised. A lot of video game designers often receive inspiration from long lost "mythology". I don't think you're crazy. A couple of my friends have been inhabited before. And I think one of them still is. Welcome to the forum! I really look forward to hearing more. :)

oh? really? well i kinda want to be out there abit to help new hosts. lol hey devil may cry is real. i'm best freinds with dante. and have anyof you ever hear of a broken angel? well a good feind of mine. (i can't tell her name) is one and she can bring to life some charecters that i've made. well it also does not help that i have mpd so i have about...... 10 or 11 people in my head. not to mention the wolf god has taken up residence in me too. too much arguing too. sometimes it's nice though. to have other people to talk to. haha. anyway being a host i can see past the veil wihch can be really cool. but when the son of the goddess you host starts playing with christmis lights at a chruch party your'e dragged to it can be hazrdous. hmhm my fiancee(host to bahemute like i said) warned me not to tell people around us unless you are sure you can trust them. and i mean i agree because could sound really crazy to mortals you know? but websites like these are exceptions.


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