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The description of the Demonic angel (My kind!)


Right, I wanted to make my race clear to everyone, since I'm pretty much unknown to most people...

The Demonic angel is born when a soul has been every race in existance, such as: Gods, demons, angels, vampires, werewolves ect. Then a trial to make sure the soul wont destroy it's self in the transformation in becoming a Demonic angel, we tend to look like humans, the main blood types are demon blood and angel blood,we also have a defencive tatit against humans with a blood test, their blood changes it's self to appear human, that's one reason we can't be easily found out, and the fact know one can just find and test demon and angel blood... We have a second name as well, we can be called God killers, since some of us can have god like powers! Right, I'll explain that... We live in one big clan in a different realm, this is the Human realm, we live in the Demonic angel realm.

In these clans we have rankings, the leader of the clan is me, the Demonic angel that controls the most god like powers, the second rank the born Demoic angels from, you guess it, other Demonic angels! This is extremely rare though and almost impossible... They too have god like powers, but weaker. the third rank, the priests the ones who pray to our ancestors for forgiveness (I'll explain that in a moment...) then fourth rank just the military like rank, we have warriors and spell users in this rank, they can't use the god like powers, but dangerous to our enemies (Anyone who attacks us...) then the final rank, the exile, (This is the part for the use of priests!) Now there are two ways this could go, they either go ask the priests to ask our ancestors for forgiveness and if it works they are back to being what rank they were before the exile, if that doesn't work... Well, they get killed, this is to keep order and peace between them.

That's most of it covered! The kind that is born from other Demonic angels is extremely rare, (Like i just said earlier) if you are born in this way, you are a blessing to us, it's a sign of good luck in our world, now... If that child dies so do the parents, it's horrible and a sign of a curse or bad luck, the bond between mother father and baby is, Strong, so strong that if baby dies so does every one else... But the good news is, if one of the parents dies the baby doesn't! Well, it's not good they died, but the point is the rare born baby is still alive, sometimes the new born babies are uncontrolable, so they are purified by the clan leader (In this case, me!) then they back to normal like nothing had happened!

So far that's all the infomation I'm allowed to give you! But, I hope this helps understand my kind better!

Well... This is embarrassing... I forgot to tell you people as well... We all have to wear seals to keep our powers under control, to seal out true nature, to hide our true form, and to be able to change in a new enviroment! We have no choice but to wear these seals for these purposes, we usually wear necklaces, collars or bracelets, we can not seal ourselves otherwise this means we can not use our powers at all! Even our ancestors would disown us if we did that... So to keep our honor and the safety for humans we wear our seals, we take them off if we really need too! :embarassed:  :embarassed: :embarassed:

Why choose the title demonic angel?

The issue I find with that is that most people have ingrained notions on those subjects and so any advice given from a demon or angelic experience or belief, is sort of difficult to grasp from an unknown, untraceable source.

Other wise it sounds sort of Edgar Cayce ish in "human form" description.

However my passion is demonology, i suppose I could be called a fundamental demonologist with O.T. tendencies, spiritual to a fault and have a flair for rite and ritual, demons are Devils and Angels are just that.

I just associate ancient souls with an innate wisdom of what they are meant to teach the world, I wish you well on your journey and if you explore this forum I'm sure you'll come across something to guide your search.

It's the name our ancestors gave us, and the elders have simply passed on the name, I myself do not understand why we are called Demonic Angels, our forbidden language Nimmei ka'ra, is translated into human english as Demonic angel, that could be another reason we are called that? But, the name is our mystery and long forgotten secret, that is all I know of where our name comes from.


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