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Two vampires killed in Philippins


BACOLOD CITY - An elderly couple who were tagged aswangs, or vampires, were beheaded in Cauayan, Negros Occidental, by two relatives who blamed the victims for the death of a child.

Police identified the victims as Generoso Casupong, 65, and his wife Isabelita, 64, who were killed on July 4 in their house in sitio Si-alay, barangay Bulata, Cauayan.

Senior Police Officer 2 Alvin Cuenca, a Cauayan police investigator, said Eugenio Tanguar, 43, and his uncle Carlito Hibolan, 28, who admitted killing the Casupong couple, were arrested on Tuesday in their respective houses in sitio Lumaguntad.

Cuenca said witnesses spotted Tanguar and Hibolan going out of the victims’ house on the night of the killings.

The two suspects also implicated Rosendo Cabug-os, the son-in-law of the victims, to the murders. Tanguar and Hibolan told investigators that Cabug-os “confirmed” that his parents-in-law were aswangs and urged them to kill the old couple.

Cabug-os, who lives with his in-laws, was later arrested by the police.

Investigators said Cabug-os denied any participation in the murders, claiming that he was watching a movie at a local video outlet when the killings took place.

Police said Tanguar and Hibolan said they reported the killings to Cabug-os, who immediately borrowed a flashlight and went home to check if the victims were dead.

Tanguar said Isabelita Casupong had long been rumored to be an aswang and was allegedly responsible for the death of her daughter last year.

Aswangs, in local folklore, are believed to feast on the internal organs of humans and are capable of transforming themselves into animals.

Tanguar and Hibolan said the plan to kill the couple was hatched only the afternoon of July 4, when they met Cabug-os.

Later that afternoon, the Casupongs, with Cabug-os and his wife, Melissa, the victims’ daughter, went out to watch movie at the village’s video outlet, where obsolete Betamax video tapes are still being shown to paying customers.

The elderly couple went home around 8 p.m. to cook their supper, Tanguar and Hibolan were already lying in wait for them.

Tanguar said he crept up on Isabelita, armed with a scythe, as she was starting a fire at the stove.

“I grabbed her by the hair and immediately slashed off her head,” Tanguar told reporters. “I saw her body rise up and take a few steps before falling to the ground.”

He immediately rubbed Isabelita’s head with ashes which according to legend, would prevent the victim’s head to reattach with her body.TODAY


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