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Curious - Who believes they aren't human?

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i think a better question would be: "who is human on the inside?"

well i don't know exactly what i am, but i've known all my life for sure that i'm NOT a normie and that i'm beyond that.. the problem is that i don't know WHAT i am. That's why i've come here so that i can finally answer my life long question of the the hell am i.
If anyone is an expert on supernaturals or if i tell them the supernatural side of me and they could help me figure out what i am then PLEASE contact me...


--- Quote from: Carden on February 23, 2010, 07:05:55 PM ---i think a better question would be: "who is human on the inside?"

--- End quote ---

Well put,  Having been around some otherkin groups for years now, and  identifying as kin my self,  that is probably the best way of asking that delicate question.  As that right there is where a lot conflict often starts, particularly with   the younger crowds and new members, (particularly with regards to p-shift or those who claim to be  something supernatural physically)

In flesh and blood  I am human, nothing will change that....
however in spirit or soul I  feel like I'm something else entirely I'm not entirely sure what that is/was at one point I identified it as "demon" early on then as "dragon" in more recent years for lack of proper terminology, a term that's  feels much closer but still not 100%  there. 

Arcane Artifice:
I'm just a human who likes to study the occult. There are times where I wish I could be something other than a human, but for all that it's worth, being a human is just fine. However, in relation to Carden's post, if someone isn't technically "human" on the inside, does that mean they aren't human?

Okay everyone in a human body is human in one sense. They have the human body with the human organs. Even if they are a shape shifter, a dragon, monster, god, etc. If they are in a human body they are human.

Now the spirit that resides in the body may not be human. That is the case with many people drawn to this site. So someone could still be in a human body but have a demon spirit, or one of an angel, monster, and pretty much anything.

So are they human? Yes and no... In a human body but not a human spirit. That spirit can also affect the body and the mind. So a mermaid may have strong legs for swimming and be more inclined to sea food. They may be even possessing a talent at what they are naturally attracted too. So that mermaid spirit in the human body may be an excellent swimmer. Or maybe a professional diver, or even a marine animal trainer.

There are a few other details here but this is basic. Feel free to disagree with me (I love debates)


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