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Its the End of the World as we know it! Do you feel fine?

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Yes, I started the topic T, cause you didnt tz tz tz *waves her finger in front of T* It was a good idea, sooo...

Yeah, something is definitely going on.
Everywhere you look there are news of global protests, people waking up from their zombie sleep, politicians are doing swift measures trying to get their but out of the fire before its too late, satellites are going down, asteroid showers, solar storm is expected that even NASA says could be very dangerous, Elenin, Nibiru, Second Sun, energy clouds, aliens approaching Earth, important people are passing out of the blue, demon attacks and shadows and orbs sightseeing in a rise, people going through weird "feelings", women experiencing different Moon phases...

How is it affecting you personally?

Me, I crave for solitude of home and family, which I luckily have, cant stand crowds, clubs, going out among a bunch of people. My empathic abilities are making me a walking target, and since Im not a Master Yoda, its mostly very hard to keep them all off of me. So I keep off of them. Weird dreams, hard visions even in a wake state are coming to me, not that much, but I simply get it more clear and with more "sensations" than ever before. People that Im connected to on my "special channel" I feel their emotions stronger. Before it was weaker, now its almost like when getting a phone call. Which gives me headaches but luckily water and salt help. Electricity around me is going crazy, my laptop keeps freezing, lights in my house explode, and even the street lamp in front of my house goes off every time I get in and out of my house. My dog.. erm, I dont speak dog lingo, but for some reason she started reacting to my words almost as if she knows exactly what Im talking about. And I can sense her emotions more than before. My intuition, damn, Im so sorry that I lack any ambition. People that I meet, that I know, doesnt matter if I know them for ages or just for a moment, I simply started cutting them of if their energy I dont like. Oh, and appetite, seems I need very little food lately. I crave coffee, tea, and sure i do get hungry, but it is now only a bit and I feel way better when eating little than a lot. Erm, what else?
If I think of anyhting else, Ill add up.

Yes, indeed it was a good idea, and you're welcome.  :wink: I was suggesting it for you, so you would have a place to put all of your information you were trying not to post all over Monstrous.  :lol: I don't think I'd have enough to put on here to start the topic anyhow!   :-D

I mentioned it before, that there are a couple times a year in my area where the energy goes haywire anyhow, so to try and differentiate between the global strangeness and normal local strangeness is somewhat difficult to do, and it will be for the next couple months.
As for how it's affecting me, well... I'm a preggers lady, with some high risk issues so any "odd" things, could just as easily be due to that rather than anything else going on in the area. However, I'm going to show this to my Students, and see what they have to say about it, get them to type it all up and email me. I'll post their experiences on here, so we know how other people outside of the community are feeling.

Im only posting all over Monstrous, cause people keep posting stuff that could easily be connected to it. At least to me, but Im a tinfoil hatter :D


Oh, students idea is awesome, we are gonna get a better statistics with more people involved ;)

To answer your question....No.

Last week I had to get my hair cut. Didn't need to but the urge was horrible.  It seems I have a lot of "up and downs".
Maybe anxiety is the better word for it. It comes in waves out of nowhere.  It's like an anticipation for something, but what?????

I just sit down and clear my mind of everything and try to relax.

Anticipation! Thats the word!


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