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Isn't it interesting?


I just got this through a friend on fb:

--- Quote ---We have the possiblity of an asteroid event on 11/9 as well as a FEMA alert, odd earthquakes escalating in number and intensity throughout the world, perhaps the looming start of WW3 in a conflict with Iran and/or Syria, the possibilty of an eruption in the Canary Islands which could cause a Tsunami that would wipe out most of the eastern coast of the US while the west coast is being inundated with radiation from Fukushima. Not to mention the many New Age ceremonies being planned for 11/11/11 involving interactions with the Spirit World which will only bring into manifestation, Heaven knows what! Of course, there are still concerns about a global economic collapse, social chaos beyond imagination and the disintegration of OWS which could result in a martial law situation. Let's see - have I left anything out? Probably, but please feel free to add your comments and concerns.

Have a wonderful day!
--- End quote ---

oh yes that should brighten anyone's day, interesting though
so do u believe all of that will happen when its said it'll happen ??

No, i dont. Personally i believe a lot of stuff is just added to make the confusion more effective.


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