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DEATH.......what do you think about it


white fang:
death is nothing to fear but something to welcom when the time comes.but you don't even have to worry about untill then.

i'll decide when i meet him.

white fang:
smart choice

The best explanation I can put together, based on what I know, is that it would be similar to the time period before you were born.  According to science, there was roughly 12-15 billion years that occurred before you were born.  To me, I experienced black nothingness, for possibly 1 second, I don't really know, and then I was just there as a very young child.  What is to say that death is but you returning to non existence?  Some people interpret that as "what point is there in living then if god didn't make everything?" or "what point is there in life if it just ends when I die?".  You have not been deprived of anything.  I think it's best to cherish what you have (you're a self aware organism that is capable of complex thought, most organisms cannot claim the same thing) and make the most of it.  A lot of people seem to be really upset with the idea that they may not live forever in some afterlife.  Why is it that people are disappointed or afraid to think that "maybe god doesn't exist and maybe the whole universe just started with some big bang theory?".  To me, if the scientists are correct about the big bang, and how it created the perfect balance of forces and elements that would allow something like us to exist, I believe that is something to feel special about.  If the scientists are right, our existence was impossibly unlikely, yet it happened anyways.  The universe is truly a marvelous thing regardless of whatever the truth is. 

white fang:

--- Quote from: markml0528 on June 16, 2012, 01:52:52 AM --- "what point is there in life if it just ends when I die?".   

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i find myself thinking that too(whats the point in having a kindle if you're going to die some day).


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