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Tao G.:
Well, this section doesn't seem to have too many recent posts, but I suppose I'll give it a shot anyway. I'm looking to see if there are any other vampire hunters out there here on the net. From the ones I've met I know we're not a social bunch. But I figured I'd try anyway.


When you kill a vampire, how do you determine that they are, in fact, vampires?

Also, I am intrigued as to what happens to the body after it is dead. Does it disintegrate into dust, as the movies usually depict, or what exactly?

Tao G.:
That's a great question, actually, and one I was planning on answering in my blog (see sig). But I've got no problem answering here.

One of the things about vampire hunting is that it is actually really hard to differentiate them from normal people. Because of the fact that there are, sadly, vampire-posers out there, it has gotten to be a lot harder to find real ones.

Vampires tend to be pale, and often have bluish discoloration in their lips, but at night this is actually very hard to notice. The only fool-proof way to know if your prey is an actual vampire is to catch them in the act of feeding.

This is why I was taught to only EVER engage a vampire after being 100% sure. I cannot tell you how many times I was almost positive that someone was a vampire, but I had to let them go because of the word 'almost'.

In answer to your other question, they don't turn to ash. It's also the reason engaging a vampire in public is a bad idea...if you win, you have a body on your hands and you have to take care of it. Actually, disposing of a vampire would be a major, MAJOR pain if it was not for their bodies' acclimation to burning: vampires burn like dry tinder once you set them alight. After it's done all you gotta do its stomp on the bones and crush them to dust (after death, vampires' bones become very brittle, and are in fact hollow) and then scoot the ash off into the grass or whatnot.

I hope this answers your questions...I'll be posting this question on my blog.

In your blog you knock the new "sexy" and "kind-at-heart" literary Vampire, but also claim that relatively new beliefs about Vampires, such as the effectiveness of sunlight and Christian holy items are true. In turn you also attempt a vague scientific explanation of Vampires.

Please explain and reconcile these seeming contradictions.

I agree with Circle. As moderator it is my job to dispose of this seemingly fantastical fable of a topic but I am going to let it continue out of intrigue.


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