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Hey, so I've seen various forums about psychic vampyres, and all of them seem to be people asking what they are, but I have so far found nowhere where I have met another Psychic (other than myself). So I'm making this so Psychics can get together and, about problems or questions or whatever, and we can help each other if need be. Otherwise, it's just nice to talk to someone else who understands :)

I know quite a bit about it, but I'm no expert, so if you have questions I'll try my best to answer them :)

Anyways, hey!

Hello again, now i see the answer to my own question from the last topic. I advise you to search through this forum history topics, in the Blood Track. Im sure you will find a lot of interesting stuff about psychic vamps ;) And also meet our vamp mod Angelus. Im sure you will fit right in ;)

Thank you, I will certainly have a look around :)

That is good, cause Im sure you will find some rather interesting things :)

Yo. Heard my name.


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