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What is reality?


I was asked this question here once, and my answer could only be, "Everything that exists."

Around 18 months ago I watched a BBC documentary which asked the same question.

--- Quote ---There is a strange and mysterious world surrounding us. For most of the time it's hidden from our senses... It's one of the simplest and yet most profound questions in science. The search to understand the nature of reality. But in this quest common sense is no guide. Looking for clues has taken scientists to the frontiers of what is possible to know from black holes to the deepest structures of space and time.
--- End quote ---

I found a link to the programme tonight and recommend it as a thought-provoking look at a number of interesting current ideas in theoretical and experimental physics.

Video hosted at DailyMotion (58 mins)

Tnx for cool recommendation ;)

I love documentaries of this sort.


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