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i know there are gonna be people who are gonna think im lying but im a vampire and u have one thing right about us we suck blood and anyone who say we eat any other way doesnt know us

Could I just ask, are you claiming to be "undead", risen from the grave, immortal? Or are you a living vampire that just doesn't believe in psychic vampirism?

Well I couldn't say you were lying because in fact I am the same thing as you are. I am truly 100% true on this and no lies.

ok.. So let me understand this, now all three of you claim to be a vampire.. how do you know? what is it about yourself that separates you? what tools have you used to come to this conclusion? and what paths do you follow that you have choosen to implimate this within your lives?

Sorry buddy. Not getting into the ins and outs. Just check the posts throughout the blood track and you will find all the answers.


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