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A Question
« on: February 24, 2013, 09:13:16 PM »
I've had my suspicions for a while of either being a werewolf (I prefer the term lycanthrope), or a therian. I have a major connection with canines, Green-blue eyes with a lighter shade of scarlet near the pupil, better than average hearing, a desire for blood, able to detect very small movements throughout my vision, the ability to read canine body language, perhaps too much agility for my height and weight pairings, rather sharp teeth, an increased sense of smell, I can think on a higher level than most, love meat; preferably rare, a relation to the Mohawk tribe of North America, greater strength than most (no, I don't work out), and an obsession with nature and vast knowledge on surviving in the wild. Also, I often see parts of my future in my dreams... Whichever ones aren't blank, and I often hear voices and noises that seem canine, without sources: not sure if that matters or not.
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Re: A Question
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2013, 10:25:22 AM »
I had similar "symptoms" as that and often thought I was a werewolf at a young age.
But I'm a Ulfhedinn, Berserker.
But what's the difference? All those European myths about werewolves came from when the Christians took over and banned berserkers, I'd imagine it was similar with the wolf warriors in North America as well.
Just embrace who you are, you'll learn more as you grow.
I once thought I wouldn't, but I was just looking in the wrong places. I am a wolf of Odin, but I'd never call myself a werewolf because I'm not a "werewolf" no one really is, it's a cheap word that doesn't make sense and is misunderstood.
I saw and was silent,
I saw and thought,
and heard the speech of Odin
I heard about what lay in the runes,
and there was much council given.
At the hall of Har, In the hall of Har;
Such was the speech I heard.