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RODAN 1956-2004


This is one of my all time favorate Japanese giant monster movies titled (Rodan the flying Monster). The movie was directed by Ishiro Honda and is cretited for being the 1st Japanese monster movie to be filmed in B&W.  The movie Rodan has 2 Rodan monsters 1 is male and the other is female Rodan & Soran are their names. In the movie there is an earthquake that uncovers a hidden cave in a mine. In the cave 2 giant prehistoric eggs are disoverd along with a few prehistoric bugs called Meganurons. The eggs hatch and the Rodan monsters take to the sky attacking a few citys. Rodan is a type of prehistoric Pteronadon the most advanced of its kind. Rodan is 50 meters or 164 ft  and can fly at 1.5 mach also Rodans wingspan is 120 meters or 394 ft. At the end of the movie Soran dies at mount Aso an erupting volcano and Rodan also joins soran however Rodan survives and would emerge from mount Aso in Rodans 2nd movie titled Ghidora the 3 HeadedMonster 1964. Rodan would be in a 3rd movie titled Invasion of the AstroMonster. Rodans 4th movie was Destroy All Monsters 1968. Rodan had a couple of cameos stock footage in Godzilla vs. Gigan 1972& Godzilla vs. Megalon 1973. There would be a new Rodan design in 1993 in the Heisei series Rodan was now FireRodan in Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 1993. Rodan was 70 meters or 230 ft and weighed 16.000 metric tons the wingspan was the same 120 meters or 394 ft. Aside from the new look Rodan has a Uranium Heat Beam Ray.  Rodan also had a staring role in last years Godzilla Final Wars movie in 2004 where Rodan attacks NYC not only that but Rodan is much bigger at 100 meters tall 328 ft  Weight is 30.000 meteric tons and wingspan is 200 meters or 650 ft. All in all Rodan has been in 6 movies and has had 2 other cameos. The name Rodan in Japanese is Radon also suit actor Haruo Nakajima was in the Rodan suit in 1956 and suit actor Masashi Shinohara was Rodan in Ghidora the 3 HeadedMonster movie 1964 and also Rodan in Invasion of the AsroMonster 1965. Another suit actor was Rodan in  Destroy All Monsters 1968 his name was Terou Nigaki. And suitactress Naoko Kamio was Rodan/Radon the 1st time Rodan was played by a female suit actress. Naoko Kameo was Rodan in Godzilla Final Wars. No actor was Rodan in Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 1993 as a giant Rodan puppet was used instead. On a side note the prehistoric bugs that were in the original 1956 Rodan movie called the Meganurons  were also in the movie Godzilla x Megagirus which that movie was made in 2000. The movie has a swarm of Meganurons travel through a blackhole and they invade Japan and 1 of the meganurons grows to adult size and become a giant prehistoric Dragonfly called Megagirus.


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