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About physical shifting wich I know is pretty rare, can a person have permanent physical attributes of the animal or there is no such thing? I mean physical attributes that are present since birth?

I don't know of any real signs. Most physical traits that I know of is only folklore, such as a pentagram on the palm, hairy palms, long canines and what not. I'm sure those attibutes may occur in rare cases along with a were, but those aren't tell tale signs that you are or are not a were or that you can or cannot shift etc.


I've read about people who've tried to force a shift and have had features leftover that didn't go away. These instances generally revolved around trying to shift certain parts (e.g. hands, feet, eyes, etc.) and have resulted in minimal deformities. (The author referenced one individual that messed up his/her feet trying to physically shift them, and now they are unable to comfortably wear footwear anymore because of it.)

As for "deformities" since birth, I can't recall anything I've read in recent years aside from what Vixen mentioned about folklore.

There are individuals that go out of their way to look like their animal, though. However, most of these people wouldn't really call themselves lycanthropes (or "shifters" as the more popular terminology). Discovery Channel a few years back did a highlight of this guy that is turning himself into a Tiger, and I know of another I read about taking steps to look like a lizard. He had his tongue forked, he's got bony ridge implants along his eyebrows,  tattooed scales all over his face and body, etc. The Tiger-Man did similar things, but in different ways. I'm sure if you Google either one of these two you'll come up with something interesting. I'll try to hunt down some pages for you guys and post them later on.

~ Loup

Oh yeah I've seen these reports! Kinda insane...but I was not talking about major physical deformities. But I did not know that some were stuck with physical remains of their shifts!  :-o I guess I was not clear, I was talking about small physical "abnormalities" that are there since birth, and that are not volontarily shifting, it just happens.

I don't know of the exact number per year, but there are a number of cases of babies being born with tails. Really, it's just an extension of the tailbone and in modern times it's cut off at birth, but there were "freaks of the earth" in ancient times when the babies did not have their tails cut off. Apparently their tales were quiet long, about down to the knee, and were covered in hair.

It's an interesting thought to think of how these people might very well have been werewolves.


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