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I don't mean to sound ignorant, but....... how is this related to the mesapotamians?

rave phillaphia:
In Job 40 15-24 they are refurring to an elephant or a hippopotamus... sorry to burst the bubble. The last lines in that specific passage says "When the river rages, he is not alarmed; he is secure, though the Jordan should surge against his mouth." Job 40:23 (sounds like hippo)  "Can anyone capture him by th24e eyes or trap him and pierce his nose?" Job 40:24 (could be either more likely hippo because the phrase 'can anyone capture him by the eyes' meaning 'can anyone capture him by a water hole; could also be an elephant because it might want some water). In thouse days (still today some believe) that if you could stare into a wild beasts eyes and tame it that you were a powerful person. They did this a lot expecially in India (which there could also be a reference to Alexander the greats last battle with the elephants of india). It is not surprising that it would be either of these creature because the elephant was a powerful land animal or the hippo (little more dangerous) was a powerful water animal. And to be able to tame it and ride it was astonishing thouse days because they didn't have such fierce creature (I don't know if anyone was succussful riding a hippo though cause they get angery and will kill you). It was most likely an elephant though because of how the hills bring him their produce; he can reach up high; yet under the lotus plant he lies and the poplars by the stream surround him; meaning he lives in a marshy area with a lot of rivers (euphrates tigris rivers, aka mesopotamia area).

The next passage job 41 about the Leviathian some think it might have been a crocodile but i do believe that it was an ancient giant ocenanic reptilian that went from land to the sea/ocean to live. I do believe that the leviathain was a older creature that was huge and evil. I don't believe it was a crocadile on some parts cause blowing fire from its breath and its chest as hard as a rock (a crocodiles chest is actully very soft if you ever get to touch one you'll know what i mean compared to the rest of him/her).

There are a lot of creationist webpages that you could go look at as well as evolutionist ones (best ones are geological and paleontology pages) that could have supported your paper. You should also look up about how the creationists are pushing Schweitzer's T-rex findings to their side. Very interesting about her findings and experiments (reminds me of jurassic park a little bit, well the beginning of it).

I am sorry to disagree but I am majoring in religious studies or geology (haven't decided fully yet, might combine them give creationists one hell of a time). I just believe that God's timing and our timing are different. I believe that we are all his lab rats (even though I shouldn't say that). I mean to say that God has all of eternity, so what makes our day compatable to his? Anyways... Your topic was good and the first paragraph was funny just cut the first sentence (no one wants to read a dull intro sentence to a topic like that). The rest is a start just needs more information, unless you had a word limit and couldn't fit everything you wanted into it. One more thing what type of report is this? Is it a research essay, individual standpoint essay, ect... That would help me to know how to critique it. I don't mean to critique harshly I would just like the same thing for my essays so that I could get a better grade. The best grade is an A+.


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