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Random questions about Vampires

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In your opinion...  What does a Vampire do in their free time?  Just a random question <^>

Regina Terra:
ARE there any physical attributes that separate vampires from "normal" people? :?


--- Quote ---But considering all I do is sit on my happy ars all day and can still rip a locked door open without without realizing it, I'd say that's an enhancement
--- End quote ---

Would it be reasonable for me to assume that with intense physical conditioning on your part, you would be capable of reaching almost ''super human'' levels of strength. And concerning psychic abilities, would it be fair of me to suppose that you have an innate advantage over ''normal'' humans? Thanks.

Mr. Kreepy:
Careful, blow_fly. Methinks you're targeting the wrong person :wink:

I'm the same way, actually. Plenty of doors have been broken because I wasn't cautious enough. There's really nothing too abnormal about it, other than guys like Kain and I are capable of focusing more strength into something than most people.
As far as the psychic abilities, I feel I can answer that as well. Most psyvamps don't have too many advantages over "normal" humans other than that they can do more easily things that all people are capable of, whether that is physical strength or mental suggestion.

So it would be reasonable to conclude that vampires tend to have greater control and focus over their bodies and minds alike?


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