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Hey my friend and i are haveing a friendly argument about how vampires turn people into vampires. Could someone please tell us how vampires change people!!! Cause we are clueless :|

Textbook answer is: they don't, at least, not to my knowledge.  Now, theoretically, a vampire might steal whatever it is that a vampire doesn't have from a non-vampire, making the non-vampire a vampire and vice-versa, but that's a stupid idea, and no one's going to do that, because no one would want to.    Still though, I have never heard of anyone being turned into a vampire or werecreature, though I have heard of them being awakened by others, but that is a case of them already being one.
Now, I know a fictional vampire first has to get the person to give consent to turn them, and then they bite them and suck their blood, and give them some of their own to drink (see interview with a vampire for a demonstration), then the person goes through the excruciating process of being turned into a vampire.

Really it depends on what vampirisim is technically. . .

ok yay i won tha argument. Thanks

If you're still interested in exploring the possible origins of individual vampires, you might want to discard the Hollywood and Anne Rice stereotypes for a while and turn instead to other sources of information in order to get a much broader and in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Surviving accounts of the orginal Slavic legends that gave the modern world the very concept of a ''vampire'' to begin with, make it abundantly evident that for a vampire to exist in the first place, the aid of another vampire in facilitating its creation might not even be essential. The old legends offer a myriad number of pre-existing factors that might make one a possible candidate for vampirism, stretching from being born with a caul to having a black cat leap over one's freshly dug grave. You get the idea, I think.


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