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Great Men Found Dead

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they said that it looked like a sex act gone wrong.......... It just doesn't make sense though. the lack of air alone wouldn't be able to take him down. specially since he's been a martial arts enthusiast/master for longer than i have been alive.

No the old guy knew his limits. I smell a HIT job.

Any suspects?

He was an alcoholic as well, that makes him less able to control anything...

Another great man who died recently was Michael Jackson. For all the farked up controversy around his alleged sexual preferences, he will remain the biggest real world inspiration from my childhood.

May he never stop preforming in our hearts and minds. Well for those of us who are his fans anyway.

It just seems so wrong... He was 50.. and prepping for a comeback...... He could- no. Should  have gotten a bit more from life y'know? He didn't deserve to die as a child molesting dracula figure in the minds of the younger generation.( gawd i'm old. all 19 years of me.)
He was timeless as was his music..... As were the tabloid articles about him.

A lesson about how too much popularity can kill you.

Rest now MIcheael. Lets hope you are in a better place now, where the tabloids can't get cha. 


--- Quote from: Milanee on June 11, 2009, 01:43:13 PM ---He was an alcoholic as well, that makes him less able to control anything...

--- End quote ---

Dear, Alcohol isn't a bad thing.  And when you get to that age sometimes its good unfocus and get sloshed up.

Alcohol has been around for years helping people deal with problems, Make babies, and Make good times better. Everyone from the higest richest chinese emperors to the poorest hicks in any slum know its taste. And how

Alcohol sometimes grants a longer life. At least my Grandpa Constantine said so. He was an alcoholic, he should know.

Wine and stuff in small quantites over time is good for the heart, I know that.


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