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ghost in the house
« on: January 30, 2010, 01:20:25 AM »
I'm from India.

my friend had bought a duplex house slightly far from the city we live in.
things went fine for few weeks. he lived there with few of our friends(his parents live in another city).
then one day these guys decided to rearrange the things in the house.
one of them, being curious, was drawn to a locked wardrobe in the attic.

they brought it down and forced it open.
it was empty except for an ancient suitcase of sort. they opened it as well(forcefully) to find some clothes,an old dairy,a metal container
with oddly rather new paper glued to it with a symbol of the left eye and a new looking letter.
but my friend could read the letter his guys opened the container only to find in it ashes.

one of them was terrified by something in it and dropped the container. they saw few bones in them which seemed human.
scared like hell they scooped it up and went far away and buried the container in the ground in broad daylight.

two days later trouble started brewing

hearing faint screaming, growling and snarling in the nights,
guys having nightmares, waking up shivering in cold despite the fact it was mid summer,
things falling down,feeling somebody's presence even when alone.

but things began to worsen, doors getting looked with people inside the room,
the guys waking up with what seemed like scratch marks, temperatures suddenly dropping.

then one day it went ugly.

one of them invited a friend to the house for the night.
in the dead of the night that new guy started screaming which woke the rest of them.
my friend and few others rushed into that room and saw the others in the room standing against the wall with absolute fear on their faces
the newbie  on his bed drenched in blood all over.

he was immediately taken to the hospital, the doctor who treated him was at loss as he took the guys
that the newbie was clawed on the torso, bosom, throat, face and arms. he added that it felt like someone or thing was after his eyes.

the guys left the house in an hour of this incident.

my friend, the owner of the house, told me of the incident and also disclosed me that the letter with the container was a warning
telling them not to open the container and that the diary belonged to a guy who owned the house before the one in the letter and to read the diary
the diary as my friend said was 57 years old recording events that took place after opening the metal container which the guy in the diary said was
nearly 129 tears old back then adding it up as 186 years old today

excited i went with him to his house. it seemed normal on the outside but as i went in there was an eerie chill in the air, the air felt heavier for some reason harder to breathe.
he showed me the paper glued to the container which i saw was made of copper and paper had the 'eye of horus' or so i though.
later a cousin told me that it was not 'eye of horus' but 'eye of isis' supposed to have a binding effect and was used to 'contain' evil.

that guy who was attacked in the night was, as i latter discovered, came from a long line of priests and whatever was in the house didn't want him there.

my friend latter tried to have the house purified and the 'thing' in the house exorcised. so (being christian)called the father of a nearby church but it backfired.
the father was attacked, he was hid from below on his jaw on the chin making him bite his own tongue.

we left never to return to that house

three months later my friend sold the house for 1/4th price he bought

a year later it was sold again
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