Author Topic: What do you think?  (Read 1065 times)


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What do you think?
« on: February 10, 2010, 07:35:31 AM »
Okay, so this past week i visited a friend of mine and i was informed that alot of paranormal occurances have begun to happen in the house he's living in. The past two months have become increasingly worse. So naturally i was curious. I asked if anything different has changed in past few months. He said that they found a skull in the attic.

I told him to leave where he found and not to touch it. I've disturbed skulls and other 'relics' and i know what can happen.
I asked if he knew the history of the house and he said someone had been stabbed and killed in the attic many many years ago, long before his grandparents had bought the house. (this was their first house and its an old neighborhood) I said okay. He proceeded to show me a back room in the house that was dark and a little creepy but nothing more than that. I went into the attic and low and behold there was an actual human skull. I listen to my instinct well and it told me not to disturbed the skull. I asked him if this was the original place of the skull and he said he didn't know. I noticed at this time that the attic was extremely cold. The board behind the skull was cracked open in one corner where i was told two months ago it was closed.
I began to explore the attic thinking demon, so i wanted to find the demon mark.

I begining a lycanthrope have a huge reserve of energy. As i walked through the attic i began to feel tired and drained. My knees felt weak. I found another door in the back of the attic/front of the house and asked if this should be open and my friend me no. No one was allowed in the attic (household rules) so nothing should have been moved or bothered. I opened my phone and shined the light into the back room and it didn't do anything! Nothing it was inky black and it was the middle of the day. My instinct told me something was in that room and its pissed. But i couldn't bring my self to walk in there.

I left the attic and we re-packed the stairs with the things that were on it to keep us out of there in the first place. We returned to the kitchen to hear a crashing sound. Walking into the room we saw that their grandparents walker had fallen over and i couldn't help but notice it was directly under the back room door in the attic.

This family, whom i friends, with were used to living with poltergiests before they moved in with their grandparents. Can poltergiests follow a family? I don't think they can.....but what do you all think? Any advice i can pass along?
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Re: What do you think?
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2010, 07:19:51 AM »
Poltergeists do follow people. They tend to be attached to people rather than places unlike your standard haunting.
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