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Ok, so I made a video showing it off, but I figured I would type up what I want to do with it while I waited for the video to upload. I welcome suggestions for what I should do or answers to what I am not sure of 'how to' (such as lock it).

The actual measurements are: [in inches] outside (25x20.5x11.25) inside (17x17x11)
Made of: Wood with iron handles and hinges save for the back which is cardboard that I cut and attached with a staple gun.

I wish to gather the basic herbs for magical practice (protection, power enhancement, summoning, and banishing if they will fit) as well as multiple cloth spreads for alters and rituals (like seals that I can unroll to use). I would like to find a way to sort miniature taper or tea candles of multiple colors (if nothing more than white and black, then so be it) also books of research and reference on the arts or just personal journals of my adventures alive and dead (dun be judging me on the dead part). I also want it to look and feel more... loved? Like it means as much to me as it does to be prepare. Perhaps even add starter kits for people who wish to know the beyond. It would hurt if I could find a way to add in 'ghost hunter' gear as well; like audio recorders and cameras.

I had thought about painting the inside to match my Protection Box (thread found here: http://www.monstrous.com/forum/index.php?topic=11187.0 ) but just the inside. I also have debated on placing seals on the doors and on the back wall if for nothing else but to keep the contents from being tampered with.

And the upload is basically done. With that, i leave you with the video from the tiredness that is me--ish. I posted the link while it was processing so yeah... if it doesn't work, give it a bit. If it still doesn't, let me know.

Also, it was inspired by my friend doing this first :)


Great idea. I was wondering where I would put my "collection" (which is in progress, due to being a beginner).

I luuuuv your cabinet! And I luuuuuv your cat!

SKGS: Thanks :)
Ninja: Thanks but Gypsy (the cat) is a little stinker! D: She's spoiled rotten and the only time she gets in trouble is when she plays too much or tries to get on the kitchen counters or the table when we are eating. Everything else, we're like the part where I attacked her and she tried to play with me. I did find out she was only doing that cause she wanted to go to bed. She is very bossy :o

this was amazingly interesting oO I'm not into witchcraft and such (I believe in it, but I don't practice it, I'm too scared of that law of 3 thingy... and I'm pretty sure I might abuse magic if I knew magic without knowing I was abusing it...
Anyway I didn't know a lot of these things had such impact for witches Oo I knew about salt and runes and such, but saly? that's new to me, among other things... once again, very interesting and the voice was sweet^^ so that does make it worth my while to watch :p
anyway I'm interested in seeing more like this^^


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