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Hey, true and healthy cats are supposed to be like that ;)

I actually debated making products such as the protection box and cabinet sets to try to sell online but it would cost a bit to start and I know business would be... wonky lol.

--- Quote from: LeXtruX on July 26, 2011, 10:20:17 AM ---Oo I knew about salt and runes and such, but saly?

--- End quote ---

Saly? You mean Parsley? If so, it's the most common herb that I use lol :3

Ninja: :) Yup. Today she has decided it was a good idea to attack my fingers as I type... :/ I'm like: gee thanks Gyps

Anaya, yea that ^^ what do you use it for?

It's used for love, protection, and purification. Normally, I would use it in a protection pouch or I burn it (or attempt to) in my tea candles to protect the flame and those who are in it's light (normally I have salt in it too) or to protect the spell from tampering. To be honest, I use parsley in most of the foods I cook so I always have extra for whatever may come to mind :)

nice, I haven't really looked into this because I'm bad at remembering stuff like this, but I tend to make shields myself, but then again, I do not use magic so I guess I don't really need it, though this topic is starting to get my interest :)


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