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Does anyone have some information about mirror magic?
Spells, what to look for, what kind of mirror to use, special prep?

There is suppose to be a ritual with a mirror that you place it in a crossroad (forest, road, or otherwise) so it sees all that happens within for like 30 days and you can't check on it during those 30 days and after it is suppose to be strong or something like that.
^ I heard this from my friend some time ago and have never tried it myself.

My personal rituals with mirrors is normally for scrying (sp?). I will either:
* Take the mirror and think of what I am trying to learn/discover. I stare into my own eyes and focus on the pupils. Then slowly, I make it so my eyes stare 'through' those eyes and think of the topic again. Then I demand that my reflection 'show me'. I continue to say this until my pupils begin to grown and I begin to see things.
* I take a candle and burn either a strand of hair or a drop of blood and make sure that I sprinkle some salt in it and set rules of what may pass through this. I then close my eyes and meditate on a question. After I have a firm hold of that question, I open my eyes and stare into the flame.

Mirrors I use now are silver back. Before, I used common hand held mirrors. The silver back seems to work much better than before.
Other than that, I use the mirror for a paper weight. :)

I read that for scyring you supposed to color the back black and keep it in a black cloth for some time and away from everything.

How big or small is the mirror supposed to be or does it matter?

Mine is about the size of my hand. Smaller mirrors are harder for me to concentrate in but I don't think it does.

Like I said, that's just what works for me. :/ there are probably (actually, definitely) better methods than mine.

I think you two talk about different kind of mirrors here. SKGS is talking probably of a Black mirror. Its used for different purposes and its "made" differently.


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