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Decided to make my own wand (wood only).
It's already cut (from a live tree) and cleaned from the bark.
Now I am stuck, what  do I do next. Do I cleanse the wand and then consecrate it?
Do I rubb it with certain oils first? Do you consecrate it during a specific moonphase?

Hope you can help.

I hope you asked the tree and gave it an offering for its sacrifice  :-P

Typically, depending on how you want your wand empowered, there are different rituals that you can go through to cleanse and consecrate your wand.  All of these different rituals can take place during different phases and times of day. 

If I were you I would specify what kind of energies you wish to have in your wand.  Example: If you want fae magick, find a ritual in a book or online for a ritual imbuing it with fae magick.

Honestly, the best rituals come from yourself, you just need to do some research before continuing.

Place to start:  What kind of wood is it?
Look at the properties of that wood and see if that's really what you're going for.

Yes, before I even cut the little branch of I ask if it was alright and I left an offering at the tree roots after.

The only tree that agreed was an old oak tree the other one I asked was a young birch.
Oak as far as I understand it is for fertility magic. It is not quite what I would like, more looking for general magic, but there are no other trees around.

If I maybe so bold, did you ever make one?

Thats kinda funny. We planted the birch for our daughter it's her tree.

--- Quote from: Ladygriffin on August 04, 2011, 01:00:58 AM ---Fertility magic isn't JUST about having children. It is about everything growing, the lifecycles, the changes in the seasons, etc.

Great that was what I was looking for.

--- End quote ---

Can you just make a wand from a tree or can you make an amulet?,


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