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Smoke Scrying (Or just Scrying in General)

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No problem, I do for others what I would hope they would do for me :)

Yeah, I guess I did see birds then.  I knew they weren't crows because they were big, but I guess the phoenix explains it :)

That's 7:39 with inverted colors.  Try doing that if it helps any.  Screenshot, invert in paint if you don't have photoshop. :)

I just remembered that I have black bedsheets so I'm going to try again save without a narration and try to record the whole thing then break it up into parts and review it. In that smoke, inverted, I can see her face for sure... Sorry if my thoughts get scrambled here... I'm like... hard to explain but here I go: I am suddenly very week and can't move well. I'm hindered not from hunger or thirst, so this isn't natural. I started to throw up from this, and I know it's not from my illness cause my illness is just a common cold. I'll be up all night if you would like to contact me on IM or anything. I'll place my G-mail IM in my signature for others to get.

Why have you put down the video? I would be really interested to see it since I want to know more about spirits and ghosts. And your spirit/Enya looks really nice, what I cna guess form the pictures. For me it's a fascinating topic! A friend of mine on the internet also told me that she can see some kind of spirit, her name was Serenta and she often appeared when she needed help and guidance.


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