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Have a question for all you witches out their.
Should you dig up your witchbottle if you know that it will be disturbed, like ground work to be done in the area where you buried it?
And if so, will it hinder its effectiveness if you bury it in another place, providing that it didn't break?

I didn't know how to answer that so I asked my friend about it. She said:

"I personally would dig it up. Those thing need recharging everyone once in a while anyway so if you had to dig it up then you could recharge it, bury it again and have the spell be just as strong (if not more so depending on your "charging") as when you first put it down. If you leave it in the ground and the bottle breaks, it breaks the spell."

:) Hope this helps.

Thanks Anaya will do that.

No problem ^^ Hope everything goes well for you :)

Except pulling my back out on Saturday everything is going ok. Thanks again for the advice.


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