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I am very new to this forum. I have never D M S or PH shifted I literally can only shift when I am awake, I guess you call it P shift. It happens when I am at the peek of the anger in my body. I am not the only alpha I know that can do this. I (drevin) along with the others that I grew up with. I don't use the terms you use, so when I post if I say something you don't understand please ask. I will tell the story of how I came to have my curse.

 On the night of my birth November 29 1992 my mother and father were killed a rabid wolf. (We lived in lyon france at this time.) I was brought out by an emergency C section due to the fact my mother was dead. I was put into the custody of my grand mother. at age 5 she was killed in a car accident. This day was when I first found out about my powers. I was so mad at what happened, I lost control of my anger and in return blacked out. when I awoke I found myself covered in blood and lying next to the neighbors dog, dead. I freaked out to say the least. I was later that week put in foster care where a nice american family adopted me. I had "episodes" for 9 years. Then after school one day some kids decided they wanted to jump me. They hit me repeatedly until I was unconscious. When I woke up I got so mad at the fact that they were still there laughing I lost myself in a pool of anger and hatred so intense that it consumed me. I transformed into a half lychan half human animal and almost lost control. I did hit the one kid but let the others go. I hide myself away from the world. I left school and a few years after moved. I found a new home and new friends. What I didn't expect was to find others like me. now I am 17 and I have a pack to call my family. But problems started to come up when my friend wanted to be the alpha. The law in our pack was all betas under 18 cant be alpha he was 16. he challenged our head alpha...and lost his life. At this sight I lost my cool on a level never done and killed my alpha. I broke the law by becoming alpha before 18 and was shunned. When I turned 18 I moved to memphis to make a new life. To forget my other side. But i still feel the beast clawing at me. Begging me to let it out. But I refuse. This is the history of my change.

I am an Alpha. THE Alpha-Omega. I need a pack. A lone wolf is weak without a pack. Help me help you to be a family. I will protect you all. message or reply with questions or if you want to join my pack. I can teach the physical shift. It is not for the weak tho. just a warning.

I wish there was a "like" option.
The post above mine was a rather well executed example at poking holes in a story.
 I gotta give it props.

Bane Bloodfang:
Jake... your post made me SO HAPPY hahaha XD

Well executed ;)

Indeed Jake, there you did right. For this Drevin makes us both crazy and uptight.

P-Shift is Impossible


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