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I need some help, please?


OKay, so first off, my name is werewolfman12, I am curious about lycanthropy, well not curious, more like am amused or like lycanthropy, but here is the thing... I AM NO WEREWOLF YET!!! I need some suggestions on how to become one, but not any of that devil bulls**t. I want to tap into my inner wolf/ werewolf,or just be a werewolf. The only thing I know how one can be a werewolf is by being bitten by one, and that might not happen, considering as how I live in Houston, Tx.        So if someone can give me suggestions or help on how to tap into my inner self, I am all ears. Tnx

Also this if you're more interested in European shamans and wolf warriors than native americans.
toherwise i completely agree with Jake

I think people are only born werewolf
So you might already be one
Or by the time I post this you might have found a way...

I believe that you are born with the gift, well, some may say curse, of being a lycanthrope, sorry. If you are bitten by a true werewolf, nothing happens, so don't just go around, asking werewolves to bite you.


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