Author Topic: Advanced alien civilizations colonize the black holes  (Read 2708 times)

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Advanced alien civilizations colonize the black holes
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Aug. 9, 2006

The giant elliptical galaxy named M87 lies 50 million light years away in the constellation Virgo. A luminous jet some 6500 light years long shoots out from the galaxy's core. What awesome "central engine" powers the jet? Many astrophysicists believe that a super-massive black hole lurks at center of M87.

According to many scientists and UFO researchers M87 is where the most advanced alien civilizations live in our Universe. Many believe for the same reason strategic coastal areas in any country are populated heavily for commerce and transport, the M87 though which major connector to other Universes exists is also populated heavily by intelligent alien civilizations far advanced than us.

These advanced alien civilizations have also explored other universes of higher dimensional spatial and have the ability to move in and out of parallel universes. Like all even more advanced civilizations, they find that the parallel universes are better places to reside and prosper. But the major connector is the M87 with massive gravitational energy and wave shooting out from the center of the massive Blackhole.