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i want to be a demon hunter can anyone help

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hi i am new here but i have been searching the internet for what seems like an eternity for information on being a demon hunter at this point i am a practicing christian witch my specality is reading (tarot, angel cards, astrology, etc.) but i have had this feeling for a long time that i can do something more to help society it dawned on me that i want to be a demon hunter a spritual warrior getting rid of the evil in this world and sending the demons back to hell i know that this type of profession is dangerous and i will need alot of training i know this can''t happen overnite but i am ready to learn and to get started this is something i would like to do for the rest of my life along with my other magical duties i hope none here think i am crazy i have read some of the post and think that i am in the right spot to ask for this kind of information so if anyone could tell me how to become a demon hunter please let me know i am not under the illusion that it like the tv shows or something i know that this is a dirty dangerous job and that there is nothing glamourous about it but it something i feel i have been called to do i am not a phsyical fighter i don't know marshal arts or anything like that but i have faith in the magical power that god has blessed me with and my faith and anything else i am willing and ready to learn so if anyone knows anything please post at this point i am desperate and am thinking of just going out there and just jumping into this profession feet first and hope i land well now i dont if thats a stupid thing or if thats how all demon hunters get started i am just looking for a little knowledge can anyone help me thanks in advance


I have a thread buried underneath the wreckage of activity on this section somewhere, you'd do good to read it, but let me just say a few things here...

Are you, at this age and time in your life, ready to throw away everything you know and love for this? You can put those close to you in harm, you will be ridiculed by some very harshly, you will be tormented by unimaginable forces, and most importantly, you may be forced to cross lines that no one should be forced to. If you can say yes to that, you've taken a step, but it's one thing to say, another to do.

But, I find that saying stuff like that never really helps. Most people just go out hunting anyway, despite (or perhaps due to) what everyone says, so I say, you might as well do it right.

The thread I wrote is entitled "To Hunt a Demon", if you want, let me know, and I'll post a link to it. I also find that there are few things to clear up between the both of us.

What do you, personally, mean by a Christian Witch? More oft than naught, those two titles cannot be put together. And, what drives you, as a Christian Witch, to believe in demons? And more specifically, what do you think they are? You may be mistaken in your belief, and that may change your mind altogether.

Now for my turn; If you get yourself into this, especially when dealing with things up close, you probably will need to get physical. As in, running for your life physical. And, going out and jumping into something isn't the brightest idea in the world, you usually wind up dead.

And, since I can scarcely find myself taking this very seriously, I must say, your typing skills make my head ache and the little voice reading them sound like a spoiled blonde rich girl. :P

First, grow/cut your hair to about just past chin-length. Next, dye it silver. Next, get a red trenchcoat. Next, get a big-ass sword and two guns. POOF! You're Dante.

...okay, sorry, I couldn't resist. While hunting demons and monsters and **** would indeed be cool, I really feel you'd have to be like, super-strong. Like, super-duper strong. Like, Kid Goku-level strong. (Saying this, I'm actually crazy enough to ask God to make it so people can actually get that powerful.)

And if you don't mind me askin', Letter, could chi energy affect demons?

Well Cheza... I have 2 say that Smithkakarot is quite right in some things... My sister is a demon hunter... And have been 3 years since the last time I saw her... Cuz when you made that desition you have to go away from your loved ones so they don't get hurt... But  the thing is that you have to be extremely strong... Physical and spiritual to be able to figth with them... Question I ask you... do you have the gift of seeing the demons? or sence them?... Cuz if u can't do any of those things... you will have to take a lot of training... Cuz is not at easy as it sounds to figth with something you dont see.

well i would like to thank everyone for their opinons and sorry my typing offends but trust me i am neither blonde or rich as matter of fact i am the exact opposite of both as far as being a christian witch who saids it has to be opposite i am strong in my beliefs i believe in one god and jesus christ as the bible has described him i also practice certian wiccan rituals and am a reader also i would like for you to repost that information about demon hunting as far as demons i think that they are evil creatures who prey on the humans i think they are dangerous, ugly, and most of all fatal as far as being able to sense a demon i guess i would have to say no i can't do that but i am not naive enough to believe that you can accomplish something like that overnite i want to train for as long as it takes also at this point no i am not physically strong but spritually is another matter i am working on my body now i know that i probably have a long ways to go but i am not giving up leaving my love ones well i am an only child, my mother is dead, and my father is dying, i have no husband, boyfriend, children and only a hand full of friends i barely associate with the rest of my family as it is a phone call once or twice a year just to let them know i am alive would probably be enough i think i am at a  point in my life right now that the mundane isn't doing it working, going to school, struggling to pay bills being upset over little arguments frankly its all bulls**t excuse my language there is more to this life then that i truly believe that some of us are put here to protect others strangers that we don't even know getting rid of the evil that haunts this world that is what i belive i was put here for no path is ever easy but this is a path that is mine all i am doing is asking for some help on that path and if anyone can do that then i would be greatful


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