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--- Quote from: markus on October 31, 2011, 08:39:01 PM ---Imagine having to deal with that for 10-12years

--- End quote ---

Mmmm, no thank you.

I dunno if I wanna post what my "powers" are... But I have a character that has an extreme version of manifestation abilities... what is in his head, whatever it is becomes as real as you or me.
I'd like to be able to do that.  :-D

That sounds fun, but also terrifying. You'd have to learn to control your thoughts, or you might accidentally give life to something from your worst nightmares.

*nods* I've definitely tortured my own character with it before :lol:
And of course, there will always be the temptation to do things the easy way. Y'know?
That would be something you'd have to be strong enough to handle.


Well, I'm rather empathic...but rather than the emotions of others influencing my own, I tend to feed off of such quite akin to those amongst the vampire community. Unlike that lot, however, I don't need to feast in order to sustain my essence...and do so for nothing more than the pure satisfaction. In combination to such, from the lips of others, my essence tends to be enthralling towards those whom delve into such...as though luring them in with sweet, seductive, sensations despite an overwhelming sense of dread towards being ravenously consumed.

In the past, a few psi vampires had taken offense to my predatory feeding habits, my having absolutely no need to do so. To teach me a lesson, they sought to drain me...only to have my essence traverse back through their link and spread throughout their own...consuming their energy like a disease. They actually scolded me for such, which amused me...saying I was reckless for allowing my essence to become so ravenous. Would they have only spoken to be prior to the attempt...I would have informed them that such is what I always presumed my essence would do upon being attacked...it reflects my view of darkness. Those whom I have no ill will towards, and have not threatened me, haven't experienced anything they didn't enjoy.

Be that as it may, I've also projected insanity on two occasions...both times accidental. The first time was towards my ex...and the second towards one whom struck me twice in the face. I'd love to learn how to do this on a whim...I'm quite fond of the idea behind locking someone within a hell of their own mind...

i dont know if its a power or not but sometimes when i dream i deam the future-present. like once i had a dream where i was floating i guess and i saw a woman get shot 7 times. the next day there was an artical on the news about the same thing. same kinda thing happened with my friend that got swarmed by bees


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