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City under Death Valley.


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Another old mystery of ancient civilizations is unsolved in Death Valley, which may conceal an underground city that was described in Paihute Indian legend. The city apparently was first described 68 years ago, in Bourke Lee's book, "Death Valley Men."

The book recounts that tale of two Death Valley men (identified as Bill and Jack) who said they'd discovered the remains of an ancient civilization after falling through the bottom of an old mine shaft near Wingate Pass.

They described an underground cavern that they followed for 20 miles into the bowels of the Panamint Mountains. They claimed to have discovered preserved mummies in what appeared to be an underground city.

The mummies wore armbands, and were holding golden spears. Included in other artifacts they described were giant statues; a large roundtable; gold bars and gemstones; perfectly balanced stone wheelbarrows; and huge, counterweighted stone doors.

The source of light for the underground city, they discovered, was an ingenious system fueled by subterranean gases. As they followed the tunnels and caverns upward toward the eastern slope of the mountains, they speculated that the ancient city (like Death Valley) likely was underwater centuries ago, which might explain the arched structures that appeared to be quays that they thought were docks for vessels.

Lee reports in his book that the two explorers retrieved some of the treasures from the site, and attempted to market them to scientists they thought were associated with the Smithsonian Institution. But the artifacts were stolen and the men were never able to find the caverns again. Lee never heard from Bill and Jack again.


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Mysterious Tunnels
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Mysterious Tunnels

How strange that when an unexplained tunnel, underground city, etc is "discovered" no evidence- pictures, artifacts- are kept and documented to the newspapers. The Smithsonian sure does lose a lot of interesting artifacts. Makes me wonder.....


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