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Goverment Registering and Tracking Extraterrestrials on Earth



This website tells how government is registering and tracking extraterrestrials on Earth. And what makes it more strange is that it is a real genuine government site. Check it out :


it clearly states how authority’s should behave when register aliens that visit earth. It is strange to say the least and the website also totally checks out as a government website. Which makes it even more puzzling. Below is a sample of what`s inside the PDF.


Records relating to the registration of extraterrestrial visitors to the province. Extraterrestrials are registered and tracked to ensure they do not contravene provincial legislation

Registrants must provide identifying information and report regularly to the government liaison

Record types include registration forms, reference materials, photographs, videotapes, correspondence, and reports

For a description of the Extraterrestrial Registration System (ERS), see Information System Overview (ISO) section

For records relating to diplomatic etiquette and protocol, see ARCS primary 415

Unless otherwise specified below, the ministry OPR (Unidentified Flying Objects Branch) will retain these records


Andromeda Alice:
This is very funny. They surely missed a few.


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