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To fool an empath

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So recently I've been speaking with a young man who classifies himself as an "empath". From what I understand it's a genetic trait consisting of one being able to truly relate to another's emotions. Now comes the issue, he claims that he is "strong" in this area? I'm lead to believe him due to apparent ability but I'm not 100% convinced. So how would one fool an empath? Body language doesn't work... I've tried...

It is rather a stretch of the imagination to describe it as a "genetic trait" as though it is some special power or ability: after all, psychologists have long stated that it is a learned behaviour, the rudiments of which are observable in all normal children by around 1 year to 18 months old. See also, for example, the work of Racines de lempathie in Canada.

--- Quote ---So how would one fool an empath? Body language doesn't work... I've tried...
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That suggests that you are not as good an actor as you believe you are.

I am under the impression that anyone can perform any "special ability" given enough time or practice.

Well if you want to fool this person, get in a situation where you, yourself do not know how you feel. Or you are undecided about how you feel about something. Criminal law is a good realm to achieve this.

"A 10 year old has a gun in back pack, gun accidentally goes off at school, shoots girl in leg, she goes to hospital but recovers, kid is arrested." Should the kid be put in jail, how should he be dealt with? This is an example of mixed feelings or being undecided. Use this as a basis to gauge accuracy.

Don't intend on getting any specific answer, simply be pleased with whatever comes. Now if he is bad at this he will say anything besides "You look troubled (confused) etc."

If you can't act with a poker face then put a paper bag over your head and rule out subconscious face reading.

Those are my suggestions, take it or leave it.

Everyone is empathic in some way shape or form, and to some extent, you get some, like people on the higher autism spectrum who show near no empathic signs, this is the way their brain works. Empathy is something some are born with, empaths are emotionally stronger than others, or they are a complete mess as they lack the skills required to deal with others emotions. Strong empaths can change the feelings of other and enhance other feelings, most of the time you will feel comfortable talking to an empath, that can be a dangerous thing as some empaths do not want to help you. A rule known to most empaths is that you do not tamper with others emotions, as everyone deserves free will and a right to their emotions.
It is highly unlikely that you would be able to fool an empath as it is not about reading someone it is about feeling what they feel, some strong empaths cannot even be fooled over the internet. Unless you are able to block out anyone or thing from your mind, you will not be able to fool a strong empath.
Hope this has helped

Get them in the middle of a large crowd of people and see how long it takes them to become frustrated, irritated and start to have a mini meltdown.

To test the strength of their empathy just find a chaotic source of energy, mess up their emotions with head games while overwhelming them with the emotional barrages of a bipolar personality on speed amd see how long before they burst into tears or a terrible anger that leaves them aching, lost and exhausted for days afterwards or you can learn to master your own emotions and become skilled enough that you can fool anyone, psycho and sociopaths do that naturally everyday.

Besides those two choices you can't really fool empathetic people...most of it's derived from a variety of "knowing and feeling people" that goes beyond psychic ability, watch the mentalist, criminal minds or another similiar mind based show to get an idea of how it works beyond the "monstrous realm" but it's like most things discussed here, if you understand it you can find it's weaknesses and defeat it.

emotions and don't get more simple than that.


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